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 Fujimi drifting practice

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PostSubject: Fujimi drifting practice   Fujimi drifting practice Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2014 8:22 am

Decided to do a practice run on the new downhill in my 240sx drift tuned car. The car is running 504bhp on sport tyres in S-class with race weight reduction and full rollcage. The car is built for S-class, as it is the class Forza tandem drifters use mostly; with the occasional A class thrown in for certain cars. With me also losing my FM4 gamesave, the car is using a new tune. I never write my tunes down, but a retune isn't always a bad idea, plus I know what my base settings are for when I tune anyway. I am really out of practice with the controller, and even though I am not doing too badly with the racing side of things (both FM4 and FM5); I do feel as though my drifting capabilities have taken a hit. A little practice is all I need though.


Fujimi drifting practice Liz1

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Fujimi drifting practice
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