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 How to Create a Successful Competition

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PostSubject: How to Create a Successful Competition   Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:48 pm

Anyone can organize their own competition, but how do you get people to join? Well these are a few things your Competition thread should have in order to bring in the racers!

The more specific and planned out your event is, the more people will be interested.

So you will need...

1. Specific Date(s)

2. Specific Rules, Don't assume everyone knows them.
-Try not to restrict too much, this can discourage people.
-"Leaderboard" Cars is not a valid term, specifically say No Lotus Elise etc

3. Track Selection
-Pictures should be included if the start/end are different.
-Same goes for 50 rolls, pictures of where to start the roll and end the roll.

4. Provide your Gamertag
-This is so people can talk to you if they have further questions

5. Use thread as the signup list
-We have threads for a reason, its much easier to list it here for all to see rather
than sending messages over xbox live.

6. Keep the Thread Updated!
-Make sure to stay updated with changes/delays or any condition changes.
Going inactive for a bit causes loss in interest.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

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How to Create a Successful Competition
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