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 [REQUEST] 1999 Honda Civic - BTE Style

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[REQUEST] 1999 Honda Civic - BTE Style Empty
PostSubject: [REQUEST] 1999 Honda Civic - BTE Style   [REQUEST] 1999 Honda Civic - BTE Style Icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 7:01 am

I've been running a new car on the downhill lately and decided it's time for a nice design to be put on it. I would like the paint scheme to be very subtle. I love carbon fiber parts, but only in moderation. I like the idea of having something that looks plain from a far, but when you get up close to it, you can see all the awesome details that went into the paint. I'd like to keep the Si blue as the main color, but I will leave that up to the artist. My main request are to have "Bar Tab Entertainment" and "Touge Union". It'd be really cool if someone could do a mug of beer for the logo somewhere on the car. Have fun....take your time....and be creative. Just keep in mind that I will not be running a body kit on this car.

I do not mind paying for this job!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'd like for the design to be unlocked so I can change the license plate when needed.

[REQUEST] 1999 Honda Civic - BTE Style 9387567393_39965aebca_z
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[REQUEST] 1999 Honda Civic - BTE Style
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