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 Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n

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PostSubject: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:14 am

I wasn't able to do the interview in person because could never get online at the same time it is!

Welcome Koolaid!

Q: "What the hell do you do with your life? lol"

A: Hmm, i guess i'm your typical 22 year old.
most of my time goes to family, friends, cars and gaming.
as of now I've skipped the past 2 years of college because of a lack of funds and financial aid
my source of income is primarily from my summer job as an ocean lifeguard.
next semester i will be acquiring my EMT on the path to becoming a firefighter.

Q: "If you could become as fast as you are in your Miata with any car, what would it be and why?"

A: Probably the s2000/ek9/ae86, a 34/35 new DH run would be insane!!
I've always been a fan of the s2000 in real life but as many know the s2000 isn't too friendly with b class :/
The ek is one awesome car in b class but in forza statistics it doesn't stack up to my miata.
Ask anyone, the ae86 is one of those mysterious cars in forza.
The level of commitment to that car will truly show the speed of that car.

Q: "Do you like turtles? Also how long have you had your Celica?"

A: Only baby turtles, so kawaii!
Me and my pops purchased the car in early 2007.
At the time we purchased the car, it only had 19k on the odometer, the crazy part was that the car was an 01.

Q: "What is your favorite flavor or kool aid?"

A: clear cherry of sho!
the nigga inside me says grape drank doe!

Q: "Sugar or splenda?"

A: sugar! splenda causes cancer hahah

Q: "Compared to the gen 1 miata, how good do you think the gen 2 or 3 are?"

A: This is a great question!.
I believe all 3 are evenly balanced cars when it comes to weight, acceleration, tire size in b class and have the same potencial, each car having one perk better than the other.
gen1 - lightest, better acceleration
gen2 - better rigidity, handling
gen3 - heavier, wider tires
super light - lighter than gen3 but sacrificed acceleration, wider tires

Q: "If you were a girl, what name would you have liked to be called?"

A: I don't even wut?
I dunno maybe something japanese? Haruna-chan!

Q: "Team Edward or Team Jacob? You have to choose"

A: Oh lawd… not that I'm in to any of that crap but id say jacob, edward on appearance looks like a pansy b*tch hahahaha

Q: "Have you ever drank Capri Sun?"

A: Aint nobody got time fo dat?!

Q: "Do you sir, have any staples?"

A: no, do you have any gwapes??

Q: "What would the world be like if men had periods?"

A: Fvcking tragic! i don't even want to imagine, aint no body got time fo dat!

Q: "Do you always laugh like Tsuchiya or just occasionally?"

A: If anyone has been in a party with me you would know that i have a collection of different laughs haha.
I've recently acquired the avanti "mah ugh ugh ugh ugh" laugh hahaha

Q: "Do you run nitro meth?"

A: "Only pussies run nitro meth!"

Q: "Are you the real Koolaid man?"

A: i can if you want me to be ;]

Q: "Did you assist Jim Jones in his mass suicide? (koolaid massacre)"

A: I wouldn't be here today if i was lol.
but how would you react if i actually was??? O__o

Q: "Why do they celebrate Christmas in The Flintstones?"

A: They use the same logic as spongebob and the many water sources he visits lol

Q: "Hey cousin! Want to go bowling?"

A: …. most annoying part of GTA4

Q: "What got you into touge Koolaid?"

A: Finally a decent question lol.
Initial D arcade stage 2 was my first interaction with touge, i was in 7th or 8th grade at the time so i would've been 12 or 13 years old.
Good god i sucked and driving at the time, i was one of those kids who drove aimlessly without touching the brakes lol.
From there i caught my self up with the initial D series and gained respect for touge racing.
FM3 with the new fujimi was my first time racing a simulator on a mountain and at the time my mindset still thought drifting was faster lol.
at the time none of my friends were in to racing games, not to mention touge and as some of you know unless you were on forums there was no way to get in contact with any of the community thru online play and i wasn't one of those kids.
here in FM4 after embracing the community and setting goals I've got to where i am now.

Q: "If you got to name your team what would it be called?"

A: ha! you know as well as i do its hard coming up with a cool yet respectable team name.
i still don't know to tell you the truth but i think i could've come up with something cooler and respectable.
i don't even want to think of it because my mind was a hollow shell of thoughts at the time lol.

Q: "Do you have any pets?"

A: Had, he was a goldfish named Mr.Wiggles.

Q: "What are you planning to do with your Celica?"

A: The celica is complete when it comes to cosmetics, it being an auto GT model it will be a waste of money to try and get it quick.
i do plan on buying a car soon possibly by the end of this year or this time next year.
Hopefully a new frs/brz, if not i'll build an s14, swap an sr for a fun daily.

Q: "How old is your mother and is she hot?"

A: she is 51, i wouldn't say so so id advised to change the subject haha

Q: "Do chickens have large talons?"

A: shut up goku.

Q: "How long have you been playing Forza?"

A: I've been playing forza since FM2

Q: "Were you born in the Phillipines?"

A: Nope, amuurcan born and raised.
No one can even tell i'm any sort of asian when i play online lolol

Q: "What did you do for practice to get as fast as you are now?"

A: Just racing everyday, longest I've stayed away from forza is about 3 days.
As for practice, the most notable thing for me are the lines, throttle control, left foot breaking, weight shifting and finding my limit for each corner.

Q: "If you had the chance to take a ride down the mountain with Keiichi Tsuchiya or Takumi Fujiwara who would you choose?"

A: Tsuchiya-sama for sure.
Tsuchiya can do anything Takumi is capable of and more.

Q: "What is your favorite episode of Initial D?"

A: A very good question.
There are so many battles that i enjoyed thru out the whole series but if i had to say it would probably be forth stage episode 6 "Blind Attack" with the EK9 vs AE86 battle with the professional driver Tomoyuki.
No matter how many times i watch that episode the suspenses kills me and keeps me on the edge of my seat.
I also felt that the music was perfect thru out the battle, to the point where you could "live the moment" which is why i was upset they changed the music around in Battle Stage 2.

Thats all for Koolaid!

Want to get to know more Touge community members? Head over to the nominations thread and vote for the next person to get interview!


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PostSubject: Re: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:22 am

Hahahaha half of the dumb questions were mine lol!

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PostSubject: Re: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:42 am

"ain't nobody got time for that"

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PostSubject: Re: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:04 am

gen1 - lightest, better acceleration
gen2 - better rigidity, handling
gen3 - heavier, wider tires
super light - lighter than gen3 but sacrificed acceleration, wider tires
Now that is interesting, for a car called the super light you think it would have better acceleration than a gen 3 miata Laughing. Never actually bothered to check all of this out myself, good stuff.


B class (AE86): New Downhill: 4:33.632 New Uphill: 4:51.676
                                                      Old Downhill: 3:47.110 Old Uphill: 3:58.522
A class (22B): New Downhill: 4:27.633 New Uphill: 4:38.230
                                               Old Downhill: 3.41.310 Old Uphill: 3.54.605
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PostSubject: Re: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:15 pm

I wouldn't call the Superlight slow, I believe kona got a 4.35 in it, which is anything but slow for B class


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PostSubject: Re: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:17 pm

^i was only comparing it to the gen 3, i think the balance of handling and weight capped at B500 is the reason why the acceleration is slow

@kraze damn you...

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PostSubject: Re: Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n   

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Community Spotlight - DaKoolaidm4n
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