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PostSubject: AWP/Maxxed   AWP/Maxxed Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2019 11:59 pm

Name: Maxx Edgar
Age: 16
Platform: PC

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR [Street]
Toyota Celica ST185 GT-Four [Hillclimb Comp]
Toyota Supra MKIV A80 [Drift Comp]

Before i get all into the history of me, im going to split it in 3 sections:
Old Story(2007 -Apr 2017)
AWP Story(Apr 2017 - Dec 2017)
Maxxed Story (Dec 2017 - Present)

Old Story
2007 was a special time for me, i was only 7 when i found out video games were a thing and one of my favorite games that was on there was V8 Supercars on the PlayStation 2. Essentially from there on i was hooked into racing games and ever since Ive never stopped loving them. Throughout 10 years i played Just about all the Forza's that came out in that time span and it was a hell of a journey. I wasn't serious in touge racing however i was really into Drifting on Fujimi Kaido. Fujimi Kaido in FM4 was special for me because of how different it was compared to all the circuit tracks that you could drive on, the way the roads were setup and the elevation levels that threw you off if you weren't careful enough. Sadly i wasn't able to experience any kind of touge racing and such because i never knew it was actually a thing. I also was very deep into Forza Horizon as it was the first game that had a open free roam map for me. The Canyon was my favorite place to do drifting sessions on and that's where i started getting really good with the basics of drifting. Few years pass and i get a hold of Forza Horizon 2 which was of course way better than what the previous Horizon was. That was when i really got to the peak levels and entered Drift comps and found myself in a Team called Loyalty Royalty Drift Krew(LRDK). We weren't very known but some of the drivers did competitions with very known names like SlapTrain, Destoryers etc. I wasn't very much into it but i did 3 comps and won 2 of them, 2nd one i entered i got top 8 but spun out during a follow run. That team was the best ive ever been in because everything was perfect. The team was very supportive of their drivers and always tried to find time to drive with each other. After all the drift comps, i started doing a lot of mountain pass racing (which i still didn't know was called Touge racing back then but same thing really). I was running Hondas, Nissans, Mitsubishi's etc. and it became a new type of racing that i very much enjoyed. In 2016, I got Forza Horizon 3 and my first ever wheel (Logitech G920, still is nowadays) and was disappointed to find that there wasn't any proper "mountain" based parts of the map except for one road which became boring easily. I still did my daily drifting with LRDK but after 1 year i grew out of it and decided it was time for a new game to play. Then one night i found "Assetto Corsa" while on my PC. I did some research about it and found out about how it had a lot of mods and stuff you can download so i decided to buy it and see what it was like. At first i couldn't really get the hang of the physics of Assetto because i just came off from Forza physics so it took about 2 hours before i was able to properly drift (well with the Kunos Supra Drift car at least). I went to look for these mods and i found some but they all had this thing on them called "Initial D" and you guessed it.. i watched it and became heavily addicted to the touge scene.

AWP Story
This is where i started to make a appearance in Touge Union after finding their Assetto Corsa servers. I never knew Discord was a thing either so the same time i found TU, i also signed up to Discord for the first time. At the time there were only a few teams around and approximately 2000 discord members in the discord. Touge Life #1 was where i spent most of my days either training or wall riding to have a giggle until i met a person named "Michael E.". This person now is on his way to become a Biologist however back in 2017 he was the only fast AE86 driver i knew and quite frankly he told me to not wall ride and try. So i did, i was pretty bad regarding driving as i just got the game 2 months ago when this happened so i did end up crashing, running off the road etc. So he showed me what he drove like with the AE86 and i was blown away from how he did everything. His driving made me blow my mind! Then he asked about starting a team and so in this case, Art of Racing was born. Stupidly i thought this team was for Touge Racing but it was actually meant more for Track Racing.. it still worked out for me as we still did touge racing however we got a lot of people into the team. The roster is:
Michael E., AWP(Street Hearts Member), UD Fenix(left), RyokoMR, Jayden HW(Side Hearts Member), Mini, Echoooooo(left), GUN5(Burning Spirits member), Microlin100(Street Hearts Member), LO3D, Wzrd(left), internet veteran, Saika(Known now as Kitami), MeaT and jdphamo. We did a lot of Formula One based events and also had training sessions on the touge with our own cars. Everything was set for the team and it turned out as a great time for me for the next 9 months. Throughout the 9 months myself and Michael E were arguing a lot about all sorts of stuff and between November and December, i decided to leave the team for good thanks to the last months experience of arguments. Then i got a request to join Street Hearts and so i ended up joining them. This team was.. uh.. no where near serious. It was basically a team for laughs but i think it turned out ok while i was there. The roster for that team at the time was: Raltsyy, Sphere(renamed to Sphex, went to OverDrive but came back), EuroBeat(left and made OverDrive), Wolff(went to OverDrive), Fapster21, KOALA(left), AWP(name changed to maxxed) and Lars(left). Street Hearts was a hell of a joke team however the time-zones were way different compared to mine so i decided to leave. A few days go by and a person by the name of Golden messages me and ask "Do you want in on Night Kids?"

Maxxed Story
Knowing that i just left Street Hearts a few days ago i was very hesitant on joining Night Kids but i ended up saying yes to it anyway and i dont regret it. Night Kids plays a big part in my growth of driving skills as i learned alot from that team while i was there. Not that the other teams didn't help me as well its just this team was special to me for how they took touge racing. The roster for this team was: Golden, Jeff(left), Duru(Kamikaze Member), RecuaZa, Maxxed(Street Hearts Member), Stagea, Zebulda(left) and Mateusz(left). This team was glory because of its team battle win streak and drivers that made that happen along side with a amazing team spirit. The truth about Night Kids is that we didn't just race to beat every team in TU but to also have some fun and enjoy ourselves in the process. My first ever team battle was against White Shadow on Myogi with my Bay-side Blue R34. We ended up winning 3-2 and we were thrilled with our win especially golden as leader since he hadn't won a team battle in a number of months. The team also won a battle against OverDrive on usui which was cool however i got a message from the Leader of White Shadow (Josh R.) asking for a rematch on Takigahara. Now this is going to go off topic however Takigahara is my home course and has always been since early days of ART and ironically it was Josh R's home course as well. So we decided to do a rematch and for the fact that he only asked me, i decided to run by myself. This was a heavy risk as we were still on our win streak and Josh R. could have brought his entire team if he wanted to however he surprisingly didn't! instead he brought one other driver from his team who was a learner and asked me if he could also run against me. I thought about it and convinced myself to say yes and in which to everyone's surprise it became a 2 verses 1 situation. Also a quick note, Takigahara is difficult to run @ 100% on because of the broken guardrails and layout so that's what i meant before by heavy risk for the team. That battle took place on the 3rd of Feb, 2018 and the car i used was a AE86 Trueno Coupe while White Shadow members took a Evo 3 and 22B. You see, Takigahara is a Heavy AWD based map and so i handicapped myself pretty hard to make a good fight and indeed it was! I first went up against the learner in his 22B and won 2-1 then my battle with Josh R. also came out as a 2-1. Im still surprised to this day how i won that battle because a AE86 going up against a Evo 3 and 22B on a AWD biased map? now thats just asking to lose! And so a few months pass with a few more battles but on the 24th of Feb i decided it was time to take my leave from Night Kids after more arguments happened. Throughout 2018 i tried to make a few teams myself however they turned out rubbish thanks to my lack of experience with that kind of stuff. However, one team came out alright and that was Soul Control. Soul Control later turned into a Club and is now just a Group Chat name but it only consisted of Myself, izzi and Sphex. the 3 of us weren't serious with the team/club by any means and later on was put down just to a Group Chat. I also have Participated in Touge Unions Battle Stage (Season 1 and hopefully Season 2) and had a great time driving against other drivers. I ended up winning one but really it was more of a fluke rather than a win but everyone says it is so it is i guess. The present day is nothing like it used to be like 2017 or early 2018, Ive become less motivated to drive but do have my hopes up for a good time in the Second Season of Battle Stage. My future with Touge Union is somewhat uncertain because Ive been in and out of the touge scene but for now, I'm pretty comfy where I'm at.

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