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 Night Kids Racing Team

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PostSubject: Night Kids Racing Team   Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:55 am

Be Scared When We Start Chasing.
As A Team We Like To Drive, Have Some Laughs and Be Real Competitive. What Makes Us A Team Really Is Our Individual Skills As Drivers. We Don't Drive To Look The Best, We Drive To Be The Best. We Thrive For Winning And Never Quit On Any Circumstances What. So. Ever. BUT We Do Have Our Silly Side Of Things  afro
[Meet The Team]
Team Leader: Golden
Team Co-Owner's: Maxxed and Jeff
Team Driver's: RecuaZa, Duru, Alpaca, Valkyrie, Stagea and Zebulda
[Are We Recruiting And If Not, When Will You Be?]
Unfortunately We Are Not Since Our Leader Has Decided That We have Enough People. I Am Also Not Able To Say When We Are Recruiting But There Will Be Something Around Touge Union If We Are.
[P.S MiNd if this is going to be deleted because of me not being leader, please let me know first <3]

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Night Kids Racing Team
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