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 Maxxed (Driver Profile)

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PostSubject: Maxxed (Driver Profile)   Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:22 am

Name: Maxx(ed)
Age: 15
Team: Night Kids Racing Team
Cars I Drive:
KUNOS: R34, RX7 and AE86 Tuned
TNT: 22B, AE86 10k and AE86 Levin
Where To Find My Records:
Touge Life #1 (AE86 Tuned, AE86 Drift)
Touge Life #2 (All Cars, Myogi)
Touge Life #3 (RX7, AE86)
Who I Am:
A Pure Meme But A Fast Driver. I Run With A Team By The Name Of Night Kids And Im 1 Of The Co-Leaders/Main Drivers. I Do Modding/Tuning Also So I Dont Drive 24/7.

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Maxxed (Driver Profile)
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