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PostSubject: ImpactBlue   Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:13 pm

Team ImpactBlue

ImpactBlue was founded by Mako and Sayuki but disbanded during Initial D Extra Stage 2 due to Mako leaving for Tokyo to race there for a year. But following their footsteps, ImpactBlue was reformed in 2017 to claim what is theirs.

ImpactBlue's home course is Usui (naturally)

At the moment ImpactBlue's only driver is Raltsy Downhill Specialist.


Downhill: Mazda Miata ND. Driver: Raltsy

Uphill: TBD Driver: TBD


Intrested in the team? Hop on to TougeUnions Discord server and msg me.

See you at the Hills!
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