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 I attempted a LB time

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PostSubject: I attempted a LB time   Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:21 pm

So since I haven't touched Forza 5 in a few months, I decided I wanted to practice with my R class Chaparral 2E to see if I could still drive.  In doing so, I went through all of the Yas Marinas track versions and a few TGTT loops.

However, I noticed that on one of the loops I was about 4 seconds off of the #1 leaderboard time.  So I thought "Why not?"

53 consecutive laps later (32 minutes and 24 seconds) I gave up.  I am now at 341st place with a 32.570 on Top Gear East - R.

I'll try again tomorrow if I can.

Edit: Can you guys offer a bit of advice on how to manage the wheelspin on the 2E?  It's quite vicious.
Edit edit: Aug 3, 2015 below.
After 26 minutes and 47 laps, I'm down to a 32.117 which puts me in 228th worldwide.

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I attempted a LB time
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