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 one of my drift tunes

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tar shado

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PostSubject: one of my drift tunes   Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:02 pm

Im not home but this is one of my base set ups for s chassis cars (s14, 13, 15, and 240sx) cant tell you the exact setups. Even though many of you dont drift i figured i would put this here for the guys who likes drifting a bit but never could get a good tune. This tune really isnt for points its made for tandem drifting.

Get the s15 sr20 motor for any s chassis (optional on the s14 but i like the stock s14 blacktop sr20 more then the red top sr20 s15 motor)

First off, try to get to close as possible to 500 as possible without adding very much cams and turbos. Try to stay away from fully upgraded intercoolers and oil and cooling cause its unneeded weight with a stock turbo.

Fully upgrade the platform and handling. Fully upgrade drivetrain, sport tires, fully upgrade rear tire width, and try to get the front tire width to 215. And put a.pair of light rims on try not to make them to big.

The tune:

Front tire pressure: 28
Rear tire pressure: 26

Gearing: leave everything stock just make the third gear 1.65 and 4th gear 1.51


Front camber: -5.0
Rear camber: -0.2

Front toe: 0.0
Rear cAmber 0.0

Front caster: 7.0

Front springs: 620
Rear springs: 390ish

Slam the rear ride height and lift the front by a half of a inch

Front rebound: 7.0
Rear rebound: 6.7

Front bump: 3.3
Rear bump: 3.0

I would suggest no forza aero but thats just me.

Diffential: both of them on 100%.

Thats really it.

I would highly appreciated feedback on this tune. Thanks guys.

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one of my drift tunes
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