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 Undecided on buying this or not

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Undecided on buying this or not Empty
PostSubject: Undecided on buying this or not   Undecided on buying this or not Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2014 4:31 pm

Hey there, basically on the outset looking to go where the community is atm and I understand I've left Forza 4 far, far too late on my list of games to buy..

Fortunately it isn't going to be a massive learning curve like GT6 was from scratch- playing Gran Turismo 6, Kaido Racer 2, Import Tuner Challenge, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, Horizon 2/etc I can hopefully just jump straight in with my current knowledge and absorb some of Forza's unique options that GT6 doesn't have..

However as this is Xbox 360's main racing sim, it's going to probably be a pain to get a comfortable level of cash for what, the third time in a major sim I've played? Hopefully there will be some shortcuts plus I'm interested in the Hex Editing side of the game (only a little bit for rim conversions and the like) but it depends on Turn 10's level of care on the game at the current moment since they've moved on.

The main reason I'm here is the community aspect- if people are regularly still playing online together on specific togue/drift maps in open sessions with some missiles, I'll be as hyped as hell because random GT6 sessions that I only have the opportunity to participate in occasionally due to specific reasons can't really feel coordinated enough due to the off chance I get to play the game (but I played consistently to learn tuning then my time playing dropped off pale ).

I mean, these forums seem active enough- I was actually quite pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon here. So then, currently I've got GT6 and Import Tuner Challenge (awesome Wangan racing game on 360 that still has servers going for it!) available to play online but if anyone could just push me over to buying Forza 4, especially this late in it's lifetime, I'd be happy. Cheers.

EDIT: Feel free to speak up and say if the Community's still there or not.. geek
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Undecided on buying this or not Empty
PostSubject: Re: Undecided on buying this or not   Undecided on buying this or not Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2014 7:37 pm

This forum is pretty much what's left of the Forza 4 touge community. A lot of people went off to either PS4 or XB1. Since touge is pretty much non existent in Forza 5 or Forza Horizon 2, Forza 4 is still the best game and most realistic in my opinion if you want to have fun with touge.

I doubt Forza 4 costs much now and it's a good way to meet friends before "Forza 6" comes out, assuming Fujimi Kaido is on it.

On another note, welcome to the forum!

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Undecided on buying this or not
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