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 SLP Felon

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PostSubject: SLP Felon   Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:27 pm

Gamertag: SLP Felon
Location: Dana Point, CA
Wins/Losses: 27-0
Touge Vehicle(s): I love them all
I love you

Best Times B class New Downhill
MR-S 4:33.8 clean 4:33.2 dirty
MX5 Gen 3 4:34.2
MX5 Gen 2 4:34.3
Datsun 510 4:34.9
69z 4:35.1
MX5 Gen 1 4:35.3
RX-7 FD 4:35.4
EG6 4:35.8

Best Times B class Old Downhill
i forget, ill have to redo them

Best Times A class New Downhill
NXS-R GT 4:26.6
Datsun 510 4:27.8
Evo IV 4:27.9

Best Times A class New Uphill
Datsun 510 4:34.4 clean 4:33.8 dirty
'63 Beetle 4:35.6
MR-S 4:36.1
69z 4:36.6

<--- just do it, do it

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PostSubject: Re: SLP Felon   Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:50 am

Felon is now banned. Just some clarification on the reasoning.

His constant drama starting posts ruined the friendly vibe of the forums. His blatant disrespect toward nearly everyone on this forum. Posted multiple sexual comments in bio/posts. Harassment to some members through PM's. Also trying to undermine the Mods wherever he could. There was absolutely no need for outright arrogance and "I'm the best" attitude. This forum is no place for people like this, I'm sure many people in this community can go on and on about things he has done but we will stay away from that.

Please take this as an example, a learning experience, and lets move forward. We never want to ban anyone, but we will do what's best for the community.

We have plenty of people here just as fast as he was, and they are very friendly and will help with whatever you need. Very Happy

Signed by Wilson, MiNd, Koolaid, and Strawberry.


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SLP Felon
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