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 Going to be grip racing B class cars

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PostSubject: Re: Going to be grip racing B class cars   Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:54 am

Obelisk wrote:
KraZe wrote:
edit: WTF you tested the car on a drag strip and an oval because you couldn't even finish a lap on a circuit? lol
I would have if I could.  The non-aero build kept flipping on the Pflanzgarten (Long section right before the main straight)
To clarify: The two righthanders at the start of this section.

The Lotus Eleven is capable of at least an standing start on the ring (b-class, with/without forza aero). Obelisk, just admit you need help with forza for once; and then ask for said help. People around here will help you the best they can, and they will probably show more "respect" towards you, just for asking for the help. It shows you actually want to learn, just look at Bukkaz and Cursedshark; they was stupidly slow everywhere in forza when they first came to touge union. I used to wipe the floor with Bukkaz when he first started here, now on Fujimi, well he owns me lol. We all provided help and advice to both of them, and over time they became two of the fastest on Fujimi. Ive helped Bukkaz out on FM5 recently with some tuning advice, now we are neck and neck on that game (top 50ish times b Class on the ring). Hell, ive even pointed you to places myself, and so that you can learn more about tuning in both Forza and GT. Not once have I seen you post over on the forza forums tuning lounge asking for advice, nor have I seen you in the GT section of GTplanet asking questions either (unless I have just missed them).

No one here can help you personally improve at either game, unless you show yourself as willing to learn. Taking advice on tuning, and even driving technique in both games, will massively improve what you are personally capable off. But it will take hard work and dedication, which the vast majority of us on here have put into Forza and GT over the years!


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PostSubject: Re: Going to be grip racing B class cars   Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:07 pm

Truth be told, I'm too stubborn to admit defeat. I'd rather teach myself, and if I do need help, I have Peacock to help me.

Hamlet wrote:
Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew and dog will have his day.

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Going to be grip racing B class cars
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