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 GT6 - Clubs and Online Hoppers ( Probably ) Soon!

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GT6 - Clubs and Online Hoppers ( Probably ) Soon! Empty
PostSubject: GT6 - Clubs and Online Hoppers ( Probably ) Soon!   GT6 - Clubs and Online Hoppers ( Probably ) Soon! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 17, 2013 7:51 pm

I was watching some YouTube videos of GT6 gameplay last night, and I found this in one of the videos I've watched.

Image Containing Pre-Released Content:

This isn't here due to a modification in the game's code. This is from the patch that you download at the beginning of the game. If you delete the patch using the XMB, you can see the exact same menu. I don't know if these features are usable in any form if you unlock them. If someone can clear that up, that'd be great.

This also signifies that these features were already in development before the game released. The main thing that most people would be paying attention to here would be when these features will be released. I would think, since these look like they are almost complete from a menu standpoint, that PD won't keep us waiting all that much longer for teams and public hoppers.

The community feature would have to be the car clubs that PD were talking about recently. This would most likely be similar to how Forza 4 handled teams. At the least, we might be getting team pages and maybe some kind of 'team tag' in GT6. I may be wrong though, as PD have released little information about this.

The quick match feature was confusing to me at first, but this is public hoppers. This feature will take you, connect you to other players at random, and put the players in a preset race. This will most likely work the exact same way as it did in FM3 and FM4.

If anyone has any information about this that I didn't list here in the OP, I'd like to know it.

If this was posted already in another thread, please let me know. I searched through the Union using the search function and nothing turned up.

GT6 - Clubs and Online Hoppers ( Probably ) Soon! 76561198069677496
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GT6 - Clubs and Online Hoppers ( Probably ) Soon!
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